Branding, Publication, Web Design

Vivre Theatre

Vivre Theatre is a new and contemporary theatre company based in Leederville. By blending old french paintings and mixing them into an explosive palette of colours I created simple and elegant designs which visually please the audience. View on Behance

Branding, Publication, Typography


Shinrai is a luxury apartment building based in East Perth built out of the old power station that sat in the heart of Perth for almost 100 years. I was given the opportunity to create a new identity and publication.

Publication, Typography

Raleigh Ritchie

I was inspired a lot by Raleigh Ritchie’s lyrics, beats and overall look on life. So I decided to make a small booklet focusing on the lyrics to some of his songs and a snippet of information from an article. View on Behance

Branding, Web Design


Scope is more than just a design agency. It is a way for designers from all over the world to collaborate on an idea and build it from scratch. With young designers graduating every year all around the world looking for experience but unable to travel to other countries Scope was built to allow these young designers […]


Apollo MT

A Type Specimen for the typeface ‘Apollo MT’ by Adrian Frutiger.  View on Behance


FF Din

A Type specimen & Poster for the typeface ‘FF Din’ by Albert Jan-Pool. View on Behance


Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation is a collection of movie adaptations for the ISTD2013 Books still? Brief. After shortlisting over 50 movies I finally boiled my collection down to 15. View on Behance

Branding, Web Design

Deft Credit

Deft Credit is a gen-z focused bank corporation, dedicated to helping young adults financially in need of aid. This was a key project in my final year at CIT Perth. Complete with a brand roll-out, Deft Credit was left with a website & web app, brand identity, indoor signage & car vinyl wrap.

Digital art


isoGeometric started off as a past time activity, then developed into a collaboration of low-poly designs, I started using them to put in pop up art shops around Perth, I found the design phase quite relaxing and pleasing to work. View on Behance


Proto Mathematics

Proto Mathematics is a tuition program dedicated to teaching students of all ages mathematics.